Christmas with a toddler

Christmas really is a magical time of year. Yesterday, the Tepid Tea Household put up the Christmas decorations. 

N was beside himself with glee, helping put the baubles on the tree (placing them on the tree but who cares?), enjoying the lights and finally… we have a Christmas train that goes around the bottom of the tree! N is bessotted! 

Although this morning… I have been ready to go back in time and slap myself round the face several times for putting the fucking noisiest Christmas train around in my house. N has been so excited that he just can’t let the train go on the track alone… it has to go around the whole perimeter of the living room… And he goes beserk if  I turn it off. He’ll lose the plot when it eventually runs out of batteries. (Currently having a wtfhid moment again, they’re becoming more frequent).  On the bright side, the tree has been up about 19 hours so far, and hasn’t been pulled over yet. 

All of that aside, N still doesn’t understand the concept of Christmas. So I can’t threaten him with a “Father Christmas won’t come to our house if you don’t stop climbing on the table”, “Father Christmas will put you on the naughty list if you don’t eat your dinner that I just spent lovingly making for you… so stop crying and eat it!” BUT, he understands the concept of unwrapping things. He unwraps the packaging from anything and I can’t wait to see his face when he opens up all of the lovely things Father Christmas is bringing. (Although, I’ll probably want to throttle Father Christmas for bringing him all of those noisy toys by Boxing Day). 

I hope Father Christmas brings me lots of wine 👍🏻


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