Winning the fuck out of today

So, yesterday was a bad day for me. I’ve accepted it, and moved on. 

But today, today has been pretty fucking good. This morning, N woke up with a cold, which thankfully isn’t bothering him too much at the moment, and sneezes are the flavour of the month for him. If I sneeze, he laughs. If he sneezes, he laughs. Winning. 💪🏻

After mulling it over, I decided to brave a trip into town. Usually, I pop N’s reins on for a short walk around the block to tire him out, but since it would take him approximately a year to get to town and back, I decided to take the buggy. N was more than compliant with dressing and putting shoes on than usual. Winning. 

We got to town, we looked at the cars and buses (N’s favourite thing ever). We went to the shops where he was as good as gold… and then we went for lunch together. Just me and him. It was great. I didn’t feel anxious, I didn’t feel scared. I sat and ate a toastie, whilst he munched his way through a chocolate doughnut. Unhealthy I know, but hey, it kept him quiet and happy and we don’t do lunch out very often. 

And now, as I’m writing this, he’s taking a nap. And I’m going to do the same. Later, I’m going to clean the house, write some Christmas cards, cook dinner and wrap up Christmas presents. 

100% winning the fuck out of today ✌🏻️


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