Why I blog…

I’ve been blogging properly for about two years now. I’ve had many positive comments and praise for the writing I do, but I have had a few negative comments recently. Not that I give a flying fuck what these fools think, and I don’t need to justify myself to anyone, but here are just a few reasons why I do, what I do. 

1. I find it therapeutic – writing about my life experiences calms me. I’m able to express myself in a way that I can’t speak. If you know me personally, I suffer from what some call foot in mouth disease. Not an actual disease that can be spread, but basically my mouth has tendancies to run away with itself before my brain engages itself to filter out any inappropriate speeches. When I write, I have time to think about what it is that I want to convey, without (always) coming across as a massive bellend. 

2. I want to show you all the REAL side of motherhood – I am not above showing you everything in my life. The good, the bad and the ugly. I promised you all the raw emotion that one feels when you haven’t slept in weeks because of fucking sleep regressions, I promised to show you the real me. The real me is not filtered Instagram posts where I’m #blessed. I mean I am blessed, but there are some points of motherhood that I don’t feel blessed, I feel #cursed instead. And that’s not a crime. 

3. I’m actually pretty intelligent – not me tooting my own horn, at all. A lot of people assume that because I have bleach blonde hair, and don’t talk like I’ve got a stick shoved up my arse, that I possess an IQ of a donkey. I’ll have you know, that actually, I’m quite logical. I know a lot about particular things, and I’ll happily tell you if I don’t. I’m always keen to learn. I can’t tell you how many people have read previous blog posts and said, and I quote; “wow, Abi. I didn’t realise that you knew so many different words.” Pardon? I have an A-level in English, actually. So there *sticks middle finger up, and tongue out* 

4. I get lonely – writing allows me to kill some time whilst CBeebies plays on loop in the Tepid Tea Household. It allows me to keep going until nap time, and I can kill time anywhere. In the bath, whilst watching mr maker for the 50th time this week, whilst Daddy is watching YouTube videos. The list is endless. 

5. Because vlogging freaks me out – I don’t have a very good camera voice. In fact, I sound like a man in drag. I never really have any makeup on so I just look like a man that’s been dragged through a hedge backwards. I don’t have very good camera etiquette either, I’d probably freeze and ramble on about the same shit. (Much what I’m doing here) 

6. It’s a personal thing – which sounds really strange, because I’m sharing this with the entire planet. But I like to look back and see where I was, at a particular time. I like to look back and laugh or cry at what happened on that day. It’s something that will always be accessible to myself, and to others that just need to know that they aren’t alone. 

7. I feel that I can help – I have actually received some heart warming and emotional messages from a few people that make my blogging really worthwhile. Because, I don’t see the point in sugar coating it. I mean, you can’t polish the turd that can sometimes be mum life. Your kid doesn’t sleep either? You hate being pregnant? You’re fed up of cleaning up baby sick and shit? Me too. Join the fucking club. I’ve always got my arms open wide to those that need a chat and a hug. 

And there you have it, even though I don’t need to justify myself to you or anyone, I have. I love what I do, and this solidifies why I do it. Don’t let anyone tell you not to do something (unless it’s drugs or something along those lines👀 Drugs aren’t cool.) 


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