I have feelings too

  • Recently, I’ve been struggling a bit. I’ve received messages from some ‘followers’, that aren’t very nice. Messages that make me want to close down this page and all social media accounts. Messages that say things like; “You don’t deserve to have such a beautiful child. You’re a disgrace.””Do us all a favour and take a running jump””You aren’t depressed, there’s not a thing wrong with you.” I wanted the set the record straight with each and every single one of you. I love the absolute bones of my son. I would do anything and everything within my power to see him smile. He wants for absolutely nothing, and never EVER goes without. I go without, so that he doesn’t have to. He might be a knob, sometimes, but he’s my knob. I don’t know why I feel that I have to almost justify the love between me and my son. 99% of you read my posts and have more or less felt exactly the same way about your own sprogs. To talk about depression as if it doesn’t exist is nothing shy of absolute arseholishness and people who do so will quickly be stamped out and eradicated from my life. This page is not only here to share my tales of ‘woe’ and motherhood with you, but also to enable you to feel normal. It IS normal to want to stick your head in a blender after 8 hours of Peppa pig, and it IS normal to lock yourself away in the bathroom to eat a mars bar without having to share. Anyone who tells you otherwise, is childless or a barefaced fucking liar. The only thing saving me from shutting myself off completely from the outside world is those of you that have cried along with me, that have joined me in that virtual glass of wine at 10am and have messaged me with words of kindness and solidarity. We are in fact, all in this together. I pretend not to care what people think of me, but really, I am just a human being at the end of the day. I am not a malicious person, and I want to help. I don’t want to offend or upset anyone. I would have thought after nearly three years of Tepid Tea goodness, that you would know whether or not you’re in the right place. You know where the unfollow button is, use it. (Only if you want to!) #fuckthehaters #keeptalkingmentalhealth #norunnungjumpshere #kthxbye